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Message from the Principal

As a responsive school we recognize that the school will operate on certain principles and values agreed upon by all the stake holders. The school program implementation hence will be steered through set milestones set along the path it travels to


RESPONSIBILITIES Head team: the preparation of the SSDP SSDP stakeholder’s team: To source for funds to finance the plan and actualize it. Principal/BOM/P.A/H.O.D: The implementation of strategies in their respective departments while t


TARGETS To continuously improve on Exam performance grades through V.A.P analysis To improve the current KCSE mean grade To attain 80% transition rate from secondary to regular university courses To eradicate students wastage  


SCHOOL COMMUNITY- RELATIONS The main objective is: To promote a good working relationship with the school community which reflect the aspirations of all the stakeholders and universal values A good school community relationship is an importa

Student Personnel

 STUDENT PERSONNEL: The main objective is: to develop and produce a holistic person who fits well in the society while performing his/her respective role in the society The performance of the school depends on the results posted by stude

Staff Personnel

STAFF PERSONNEL The main objective is: To attract, develop and maintain a high quality and motivated staff. Key areas identified for establishing an effective and efficient institution framework for delivery of service include: To condu


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